A Complete Guide To Paper Angle Boards And Its Benefits

Posted by Admin on April, 15, 2021

The most optimal solution to safeguard your product in storing or shipment is with corner boards protection packaging from paper angle board edge corner protector in Chopanki. Packaging Cornerboard protects against dents, tension, stretching and other damage to transport and handling of palletized goods.

Corner boards may be used to safeguard the borders of wood, manufacture, metal parts and other construction materials. Corner boards can also be used for roll stock stabilization. The use of corner boards enhances stack hardness and export capacity worldwide.

Standard angle boards and corner boards available for custom printing in a wide variety of dimensions, sizes and thicknesses. Corner boards are the best pick because of their moisture-resisting characteristics when you need to protect your packaging in any weather condition.

Reasons to Use:
● Security: It could get unbalanced while transporting the stack and it can also conveniently get compromised in the top row. You can avoid harm in transit through the corner board for packaging. The Angle Board maintains the stack and watches its borders.
● Branding: An angle board is not restricted to preventing losses in transportation. Printed angle boards which can meet branding requirements are now readily accessible.
● Strength: Having a poor strength of the product packaging is the main reason behind the asymmetry in stack alignment. Therefore, using an angle board is a sensible option to improve the stacking strength of palletized products.
● Shockproofing: The corners of a pile are susceptible to scratches and damages. The angle board is certainly a simple way to prevent this loss, as it has shock-resistant properties and soaks up angle damage.

Angle board is in various leg lengths obtainable, but how do you select the correct size? It depends on how much safety is needed for your pallet load. The bigger the leg, the bigger the protection it provides. As leg size increases, items are more tightly packaged, which means that they are less inclined to shift and twist. The longitude of the leg plays a key role during storage.

Trays with square edges are also accessible. These are cut into a square and rectangular slide cap. This solution helps to prevent strap damage on the top of the set and establishes the package's structural stability.

Trays are suitable for your product requirements in a variety of sizes.

The renewability of the edge protector is the best advantage for the use of the paperboard. The 100% recyclable products are known all over the world and have no chemical handling and restrictions.

Benefits On Offer:
● Since the boar is sufficiently strong to handle any pressure it guarantees damage-free supply.
● It guarantees the stacking of heavy products as these can be produced in accordance with the specific dimensions.
● This is a perfect way of packaging and loading palletized goods which is a way of causing zero damage to products with low risk.
● Previous wooden boxes were used as a loading and moving source. These provide an option that is more profitable.
● Made of highly robust material it repulses and absorbs damage from corners.
● These edge corner protectors provide additional strength if you have to pack anything delicate.

Final Words :
The protective corners of the paper angle board edge corner protector serve several packaging mechanisms. Their accessibility in special surface variants, such as resistance to moisture and corrosion, makes them highly solicited through various industries both in India and abroad.

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